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Cloth Diapers

A.J. asks from Raleigh

I would like to try using cloth diapers, and have no experience with this. I am staying at home now and my daughter is 11 months today. I have read some articles an...


Leaky Diapers

L.S. asks from Madison

My 13 month old daugher wets through her diapers in the middle of the night, every night. I've already cut back on the amount of milk and water she gets after dinner...


Best Diapers

M.L. asks from Chicago

I have a one month old and we are still using diapers that we received from my baby showers. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if it is just the diapers...


Overnight Diapers

L.F. asks from Chicago

My 27 month old son is currently using Pampers Baby Dry diapers at night (Pull-Ups during the day) and has been waking up soaking wet almost 80% of the time. This ca...


What to Do with Cloth Diapers

E.B. asks from Seattle

So, my youngest is on the end of his cloth diapering career. He is having a poo issue so we are going through diapers like there is no tomorrow. So, resorting back ...


Dry Diapers?

L.K. asks from Fresno

Hi Moms! My 2.5 month old has slept throught the night for the past 2 nights!! YEAH!! But now he is waking up DRY after 8 hours of sleep ... just checking to see i...


Leaky Diapers

S.O. asks from St. Louis

So, my daughter seems to be leaking through her diapers during the night. Is there anything I can do to help prevent it? I feel so awful - she wakes up just drenched....


Good Diapers?

K.E. asks from Lincoln

I have a 15 mo old son, who has been soaking his diapers everynight. I use luvs, and would like ot know if there is a stonger brand, reasonably priced. I know that ...


Larger Diapers Out There?

J.C. asks from Dallas

My preschooler is not potty trained during the night yet. We put Huggies Overnites on him for the night. It contains leaks very well, but he's already using the bigg...


Question About Diapers

J.G. asks from Nashville

I am wondering if anyone can recommend a really good brand of diapers for me to put on a one year old during the night. We have always used the Walmart brand, but tha...