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Cloth Diapers

B.W. asks from Minneapolis

I was wondering who else used cloth diapers. I currently use Fuzzi Bunz, prefolds, Bummis covers, some WAHM diapers, and I have a few kissaluvs contours and fitteds. ...


More Absorbant Diapers!

L.J. asks from Chicago

My daughter is just shy of two and recently we have been having a problem with her diapers getting so wet during the night, that she often wakes up with wet bedding. ...


Talk to Me About Diapers

A.M. asks from Chicago

I recently quit my job and my son is now out of daycare so I can start using cloth diapers. I'm thinking about buying bumGenius 3.0 ... how do I know what brand or 't...


What Diapers Don't Leak!?!

C.A. asks from Dallas

I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and have always used Pampers. Well lately I have been using the new ones that hold more...with I think dri max? Well they keep leak...


Cloth/flushable Diapers

S.C. asks from New London

I am very committed to trying cloth or flushable diapers. I have heard that BUMMIES are good and actually save you some money. Any thoughts/advice on this topic? Than...


Cloth Diapers

J.C. asks from Kansas City

I am planning my second child, and would like to use cloth diapers. Does anyone have any experience they would like to share, about leakage problems, best brand to u...


Cloth Diapers

A.N. asks from San Francisco

I use g diapers(cloth, with a insert you can thow away). I now would like to try cloth, any recomendations, without useing a diaper service?


Cloth Diapers

K.C. asks from Columbus

Does anyone use bumGenius cloth diapers? If so, how do you care for yours? Do you use a particular detergent or cycle? The web site says to use detergent free from p...


Cloth Diapers

A.K. asks from Raleigh

Is there anywhere in the Raleigh area to buy cloth diapers? I would like to get some, but I want to see them first rather than buying them online. Any advice on clo...


Newborn Diapers

S.L. asks from Philadelphia

This seems like a stupid question, especially since this is my second baby, but are newborn size diapers necessary? We cloth diapered and with my first son he was bo...