Diapers Not Holding During Day

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Poopless Baby

C.C. asks from Dallas

Hello mamas! My 14 week old daughter hasn't had a poopy diaper in over 48 hours!! She is breastfed only...no formula. Is this normal or do I need to contact our do...


Major Poop Explosions

G.C. asks from Los Angeles

Dear Moms, Please help me. My daughter usually has daily bowl movements, however when she skips a day or two she ends up pooping a ton more than usual. When this ...


Cloth Diapering-- Are Liners Necessary?

N.L. asks from Los Angeles

Are diaper liners necessary when using prefolds w/ diaper covers? AND-- when venturing out on the town, what do you do with the dirty cloth diapers-- rinse them in t...


Newborn Laundry

R.W. asks from San Francisco

I am a 1st time mom with a 6 week old son, who is happily napping in my arms as I type. I am have an impossible time getting the mustard yellow stains out of his ons...


Overnight Leaking

B.F. asks from Portland

I need a different diaper solution for nights with my 10 mo old. He wears Huggies 4s, which are fine all day, but the last few nights have not been enough to catch a...


Catching My Dd Before She Poops!

A.S. asks from Eugene

My dd is almost 3. She is potty trained all day and doing a great job. I put a diaper on her for bed, put her to bed, she poops in it. Any ideas how to get her off...


Nightime Problem with Diapers

J.D. asks from San Diego

My 2 month is sleeping great through the night now (7pm- 6am). However, we have a new problem. He just can't seem to make it through the night without his diaper leak...


Is Anyone Else Disgusted By...

L.L. asks from Rochester

I love Luvs diapers, but their new advertising is SO DISGUSTING! I'm wondering if I am just being an unreasonable prude, or if others feel this way. If you haven'...


One More Poop up the Back and I'm Running Away from Home!

M.S. asks from Boston

Hi Moms, I'm about to lose my mind! For the FOURTH time this week, my one-year-old daughter has pooped in her diaper and it has gone shooting up her back. She ha...


Crying After Bath

D.V. asks from Tampa

My 2-month old has started crying after having her bath. She enjoys the water, its after when we are putting her diaper on or applying lotion. This is disturbing as...