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Cloth Diapering 101

C.P. asks from Houston

I feel like there is a whole world of cloth diapering to learn about. I have a 7 month old boy who seems to leak through most of the cloth diapers that I have used. ...


Cloth Diapering Dilemma

S.S. asks from Minneapolis

Help needed from cloth diapering mamas! My daughter is 16 months old and has been in a size small fuzzi bunz diaper for her whole life :-) Now, she is a skinny todd...


Cloth Diapering Advice for Newborn

L.L. asks from Burlington

Hi all! I started cloth diapering when my 2nd child was 6 months. I am due w/ Baby #3 in 5 weeks, and was wondering if anyone had any reccomendations for which diaper...


Advice on Cloth Diapering

S.N. asks from Hartford

I am making the venture over to cloth diapering this summer. I am really excited but am a little confused about the different brands. I know that bum genius is one of...


Seeking Advice About Cloth Diapering

L.K. asks from Columbus

I am going to try the cloth diapering thing with my new baby in April and was wondering if anyone has any advice or do's and don'ts. I also would like to try my hand ...


Cloth Diapering Questions

E.S. asks from Mansfield

I am new to cloth diapering and was wondering if anyone can give me suggestions on cleaning them. I have used disposables until a couple weeks ago, when I started us...


Is Diapering a Part of Parenting?

F.O. asks from Los Angeles

Help me out mamas. Is diapering a part of parenting???? Many of you know my child sees her father in a visitation center (DV, and no contact since she was 8 month...


2 1/2 Yr Old Afraid of Diaper Changing Table?!

J.H. asks from Charleston

My son is 2 1/2 yrs and any time I try to change his diaper in a public restroom on a changing table, he has a fit. I don't know what he's scared of, he's never falle...


Cloth Diapering & Cleaning

J.L. asks from Eugene

Hey mamas! Ok, so I've read the posts on the recent cloth diapering question and it's all been very helpful, but I need to know how to wash and get stain free cloths ...


A Few Cloth Diapering Questions

E.H. asks from Portland

Hello Mamas! After having a diaper service for the past three months, I am now starting my own cloth diapering journey using pockets and AIOs. But I have a few que...