Diapers & Diaper Changing: Toddler

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Cloth Diapering-- Are Liners Necessary?

N.L. asks from Los Angeles

Are diaper liners necessary when using prefolds w/ diaper covers? AND-- when venturing out on the town, what do you do with the dirty cloth diapers-- rinse them in t...


16 Mo Irritated with Diaper Changing

M.A. asks from Chicago

This week my daughter started being really fussy when I change her diaper. She is keeping legs tight when I try to wipe her good. Is this normal? Should I be conce...


6 Month Won't Stay on Back During Diaper Changing

E.R. asks from New York

HI Moms, Anyone have an advice on what I can do or why my daughter might be flipping over onto her stomach and fights me alomost every diaper change? She just wen...


Question About My 14 Month Old Son

H.C. asks from Lincoln

I have a 14 month old son who usually is well behavied. Just in the last 2 to 3 weeks is has started throwing a tantrum everytime he is getting his clothes changed o...


Toddler Who Hates Diapering

K.R. asks from Richmond

My 19 month old is very particular about certain things. He hates to have dirty hands and freaks out when he sits on the potty without his diaper on. So, we just ma...


Diaper Leakage Problem on 18 Month Old

J.B. asks from New York

Starting about a week ago, my son's diapers are leaking like crazy. I have to change his shorts 3-4 times a day because they get SOAKED! When he was a baby we tried...


Nighttime Cloth Diapering

M.C. asks from Minneapolis

What suggestions do you have for nighttime cloth diapering? We utilize a diaper service and would like ideas for nighttime diapering that requires the least amount of...


Diapering a Toddler

D.P. asks from Columbus

I have a wonderful 2-year old son who does not like having his diaper changed. He doesn't like a dirty diaper, but when the actual changing is going on, he starts ki...


Cloth Diapering Question

M.G. asks from Portland

Ok, this seems to me like a bit of a silly question, but I just had a thought occur to me regarding night diapering while potty training. My question is what hav...


Getting Started with Cloth Diapering

A.G. asks from South Bend

I am 6 months pregnant with my 4th child and would like to give cloth diapering a try........but.........I have no idea where to start! Where do you buy the diapers,...