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Need Diaper Changing Advice

A.M. asks from Oklahoma City

My 7 month old has turned diaper changing in to a challenging game. I am a first time Mom and have to say this is one topic I haven't read about and wasn't ready for...


1 Year Old and Diaper Changing

M.F. asks from San Francisco

hello mamas, i have a 1 year old who hates and i mean, HATES being diaper changed!!! i have to give him my cell phone in order to change is diaper, and even when i...


1 Year Old Who Now Hates Diaper Changing Time

A.A. asks from Raleigh

My 1 year old daughter now hates diaper changing time. She has been fine with it since she was born but for the last month or so everytime I lay her down to change he...


10 Month-old Too Wiggly for Diaper Changing

M.C. asks from Minneapolis

We're all of a sudden having difficulties changing my 10-month old girl's diapers. She wants to wiggle away, grab something, turn around, stand up, anything but lay ...


Diaper Changing

R.N. asks from Stationed Overseas

I'm just curious when people travel commercially where they change diapers on the plane. If my memory serves me correctly, there is no changing table in the tiny rest...


Meltdown with Dressing and Diapering

M.R. asks from Chicago

For the first 7 1/2 months of my baby's life I have had very little problem diapering or dressing him. Now, at nearly 8 months all of a sudden the act of changing a ...


Public Restroom Diaper Changing W/o Counter

H.A. asks from Sacramento

My daughter's asking for any/all ideas for diaper-changing an infant in a public restroom if there is no area provided and no flat surface other than the floor. She ...


12 Month Old Baby Boy Fusing at Diaper Changing Time

M.A. asks from Honolulu

I am the mother of a beautiful 12 month baby boy. For the most part his behavior is okay, but when it is time to change his diaper he throws tantrums. As soon as we...


Seeking Diaper Changing Advice - 10 Month Old Rolls over and Sits Up

H.M. asks from Chicago

I have a 10 month old who started crawling and sitting up last month. Every time I try and change her diaper, she rolls over from her back to her tummy and tries to ...


My 15 Month Old Throws a Fit on the Diaper Changing Table....

B.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi all! I'm a 27 yr old married mother of 1. My 15 month old son is a joy, but for some reason whenever we go to change his diaper he throws a fit. Like I'm terrif...