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Need Help Potty Training a Stuborn 2 Year Old

Ok. I am frustrated potty training my son. He is 2 years and 7 months old. I have a little potty for him, I have pull ups for him, I have stickers and a chart, I have cheerios to aim at. He just refuses to tell me when he has to go to the bathroom. And I have a newborn whom I am breast feeding so putting him on the toilet every hour is just not reasonable for me. I keep telling him that he's wearing baby daipers and that big boys don't wear diapers... but nothing seems to be working. Does anyone have any suggestions to get him to...

Bowel Movements

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Motivating 3.5+ Yr Old Son to Poop on Potty

My son will be 4 in October. He uses the potty without issue to pee and wears underwear to bed. He does have the occasional pee accident, but for the most part he is trained. Despite a lot of “potty talk” he showed no true signs of potty readiness until he was 3.5. We waited and waited and waited, and in the end, I gently told him it was time, and he pretty much did it completely over a few weeks. However, he does not poop on the potty. I have let him tell me when he needs a diaper and he deposits his once a day business, and we put...


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Traveling Alone with a 15 Month and a 2 Year Old

Oh yes, I know. I should have my head checked. I am flying across country with my two babies, 15 month old son and 28 month old daughter. I've hidden toys (so they;ll be new for the plane), I'm bringing videos, books, pacifiers, sippy cups, diapers, wipes, change of clothes... I will pack peanut butter and jelly, raisins, Cheerios-- what else? I'm flying US Airways from LA to Philly if you want to change your flight now ;)