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Diaper Changing Struggle with 11 Month Old!

Hi, I wonder if anyone has ideas or suggestions to help me keep my 11 month old daughter still while I change her diaper! She is always trying to get away when I am trying to change her diaper. Not so bad if it is not poopy, but can be a big problem if is is! She has also started to reach down to grab herself while I am trying to clean her. I do try to have interesting toys or objects handy to give her, but most of the time it doesn't distract her long enough. I do not use a changing table, but I have an area on a twin bed that is in...


Diaper Changing Help

I am a stay at home mom of a extremley active one year old. He has always...


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Target Brand Diapers

We have been using Huggies Little movers exclusively for about 6 months. I love them. They NEVER leak on my son. However, we are trying to cut back on spending and I was curious about Target's Up&Up brand diapers. Anyone use them? Any comparison to the Huggies brand as far as fit, leaks, etc. Thanks!


Experiences at Target

I just had an awful experience at Target this past weekend. I was trying to...