Diapers & Diaper Changing: Toddler, Costco & Kirkland Diapers

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Diaper Blow Outs

Ds #2 is prone to diaper blow outs. No sooner had I changed and dressed him this afternoon than he started fussing. Peeled it off to find poo all the way up his back, soaking his clothes and the changing pad cover. Precious little poo was in the diaper. We are using Huggins size 1. He is 2 months old. Any suggestions re better diapers, diapering techniques or other thoughts? Cloth is not an option. We live in a coop building with a communal laundry room. Also daycare won't do cloth. Best F. B.


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Has Anyone Tried Costco, Kirkland, Diapers?

Hi I am just wondering if any moms have tried the Costco, kirkland brand diapers? I just want to know if they measure up to the name brands. I like a lot of the Costco brand, but diapers are too expnsive to buy and try without any knowledge, in my opinion anyways. So if you have tried them please let me know what you think THANKS!!