Diapers & Diaper Changing: Simplicity

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What Are the Best Cloth Diaper Brands?

Hi, I'm considering switching to cloth diapers- does anyone have any opinions on the best brands of cloth diapers and any brands to avoid? Thank you!!

Diaper Bags

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Packing Diaper Bag with Solids?

Hi all, this might seem a little trival, but I feel unorganized and overstuffed when I am out and about and need to feed my little one. She is 9 months now, is on the bottle and try to feed 3 meals of other food in addition to bottles. We are on a pretty good schedule with lunch being around 1230 give or take. But, if I am shopping or meeting someone or going for lunch, etc. What do any of you use as travel food? Do you just take along a jar and toss afterward? I have seen the travel bowls, containers, but not sure how to use those...


Bad Diaper Rash

I watch a little 15 month old boy who seems to have a diaper rash at least...

Diaper Disposal

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New Modern Cloth Diapers - So Many Choices! Any Success Stories?

I'm about to have my 6th baby and I should have this diaper thing down, right?! :) Well, I keep seeing all these ads for the new modern cloth diapers and I'm curious. I would probably only use them at home (I've already stocked up on lots of pampers). So my question - which are the best? are they a pain/mess? what should I know? Thanks!!

Diaper Rash

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Bad Diaper Rash

I watch a little 15 month old boy who seems to have a diaper rash at least two weeks out of the month. The rash is so bad that when you wipe is poor little bottom will bleed. The parents don't seem to overly concerned and have me applying three layers of products after diaper change. I have him about 14 hours a day, 2-4 days a week and I know on these days he eats a pretty well balanced diet. Any ideas on what is causing him this pain and what I should do if anything?


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Good Used Cloth Diapers

I am trying to get pregnant with my second child. I am really interested in the cloth diapers (new ones that are adjustable) Any tips or insight?