Diapers & Diaper Changing: Saline Drops

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Cold/Congestion In Newborn

I am a first time mome of an 11 week old beautiful baby girl. She is in daycare part time (3 days) and has a little cough/congestion. She has no fever and is seemingly feeling okay. I called the doc and they said I don't need to bring her in unless she has a fever or stops eating. They suggested a humidifier and saline drops. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good humidifier. I got a Vick's one but the water seems to run out quickly. Also, they suggested that rectally was the only accurate way to test her temperature...any good...

Diaper Rash

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My Son Has Really Bad Diaper Rash!

My 1 1/2 yr old son keeps getting a bad diaper rash every few dys. It seems as soon as one heals another appears. He gets pretty red all down there and has some diarrhea. He tends to be congested sometimes with a runny nose. Does this sound like an allergy? I started thinking I gave him some nuts yesterday and today. I give him those every once in awhile. Maybe he has a nut allergy?


Roto Virus Advice

Hi we just found out my daughter has roto virus an i know nothing about it....


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Advice on How to Unclog a Stuffy Nose

My 3 month old is pretty congested. I've been putting saline drops in her nose and giving her Triaminic thin strips decongestant. Is there anything else I can do so she can breath better?