Diapers & Diaper Changing: Preschooler, Nystatin

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The D. Rash That Won't Go Away

I have recently started cloth (AIO) diapering my 16 month old and she has a horrible rash that just won't go away. At night, I put her in her Huggies and slather her with cream which usually would make her clear up overnight. This has been going on for a week now, to no avail. If there are any experienced cloth diaper moms out there who have any suggestions, please help. TIA - (it has taken me forever to figure out what TIA was, sheesh!)

Diaper Rash

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When Nystatin Doesn't Work??

My son had an ear infection and was prescribe an oral antibiotic. As a result, he received a yeast rash. Over a week ago, I called my doctor and she called in a script for Nystatin. She said to put the Nystatin on first then put desitin/aquaphor/diaper cream on top to seal in the cream. I have been changing his diaper every time he pees and putting the cream on every time. I have been washing him nightly (fragrance free) and giving him a bit of yogurt (he's 6 months old). I have changed diaper brands three times and I even let him air...


Diaper Rash ?

My daughter got that nasty stomach virus that is going around and still is...