Diapers & Diaper Changing: Preschooler, Miralax

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Withholding Stool Even Though He Is on Miralax

I am wondering Why my child is still trying to withold stool even though he is on a high level of Miralax. He has about three tablespoons a day. The goal was to get him pooping so much that he did not have time to wothold. Even though he is on all of the lax he still does the dance. I am soooooooo frustrated and want to help him so much. He will be three next month. The funny thing is that I tried potty training last Nov. in which we stoped because he had H1N1. He was also getting one flu after another at school. During that time he...

Bowel Movements

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Bowel Movements...sorry, Not Trying to Be Yucky!

Hello fellow Mamasource moms! Sorry, not trying to be gross...but I need some input on this. My son only has bowel movements about 2 times a week, on a good week! Since he has been potty trained, he doesn't like to go "big potty" very much. He has to get to a point where he can't hold it before he goes. I have given him raisins, apple-prune juice, grapes on a consistent basis with no effect! Does anyone know of anything I can give him that will make him more regular? I know his tummy hurts from not being regular! Any input would...


Use of Miralax

Hi, My 2 1/2 year old has been having problems with bowel movements. We...


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Miralax Vs. Suppositories

I took away my son's pullups and he is withholding his stool now. Today is the 3rd day. I think he just needs to poop once in the potty and he'll be OK. He's scared of the notion and he needs to see that it's OK to poop in the toilet. So I know there's a buildup of poop in his system. he was dancing around yesterday trying to hold it in. I've given him lots of fiber and juice/water so I know it's inevitably going to come out soon. In case it doesn't by tonight, I want to make him go so he doesn't get constipated. I'm debating the...