Diapers & Diaper Changing: Preschooler, Maalox

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Diaper Rash, Only It's Not!

I have been fighting a horrible rash on front and back of my 3 year old. You name it, I've tried it. Thing is, my sitter can keep her for two nights and almost make it disappear. She is out of diapers except for at night and then they come off dry. We have compared notes for months and I cannot come up with anything that works from her house to my house. I took her to the dermatologist last week and came home with a tube of antifungal that looked about like a toothpaste tube for a co-pay of 63.00. It is making her skin bright red and...

Diaper Rash

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What Should I Do for Diaper Rash?

I think my 2 month old son has some diaper rash on the inside of his thighs and his lower stomach above his diaper. I have never seen or felt diaper rash so I'm not sure if that is what it is. The skin is bumpy and feels leathery. I have applied some A+D Ointment on it but I'm not seeing a difference. Do any other moms have any suggestions of anything else I should be applying? Does Desitin work better? Thanks, D.


Diaper Rash ?

My daughter got that nasty stomach virus that is going around and still is...


Diaper Rash Advice

My one year old son has had diaper rash for about two weeks and I can't get...