Diapers & Diaper Changing: Infant, Baby Bjorn

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Air Travel Tips W/ Infant

I need airplane travel advice…my husband will be on the plane 5 hours (not including checking in) with my 3 1/2 month baby whom I am nursing. We will be sitting in regular class and we did not purchase a ticket for our baby, since she flies for free. The airline knows that she will be on the flight. Should we ask for specific seating? Does the airline have to provide special accommodations? Where would we change her diaper -do they have a changing table in the restroom? We were thinking of just bringing our Ergo (backpack carrier)...

Diaper Bags

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Diaper Bag Recommendations

I currently have a 9*10*6 diaper bag that is TOO SMALL. I have gone through two larger, hospital diaper bags in under 2 years. I am looking for a larger, quality bag that will last a 3-4 years. Please only recommend a bag you used daily or almost daily for years and mention any issues you had with it. I'm also open to warnings against a bag you had issues with. Thanks!!


Stuffing a Diaper Bag

If you were going to use a diaper bag as a gift bag and stuff it with stuff,...

Diaper Rash

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Diaper Rash with Constant Pooping - Diet Related?

My 11 month old son has had a pretty bad diaper rash for a few weeks now - it gets better, then gets worse on a daily basis. It's gotten so bad his poor butt was entirely raw and blistery. I've noticed that he poops a lot - 4-6 times a day, a semi solid pasty stool. The diaper rash is definitely related to the pooping and I try to clean him off as soon as possible. After every poop I wipe off most of it with a soft paper towel, and then carry him to the sink and wash him off with warm water and soap. After drying him off and letting him...


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Flying Alone with an Infant and a Toddler

I am getting ready to fly from New Hampshire to Oklahoma with my 6-month-old infant and my nearly-3-year-old daughter. I will be traveling alone, so does anyone have any tips or tricks to share that may make this trip go smooth? I am also not sure if I should take my sit-n-stand stroller (or if it will even be allowed on board) or if I should just use my baby Bjorn for my infant and take my single stroller for my older child? I only have a 45 min connection between flights on the way out. Comments? Suggestions? Any help would be...

Wipes & Warmers

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Advice for Traveling with Infant Needed

I'm planning a trip to visit family in the Twin Cities with my infant. She'll be 10 weeks when we go. I'm trying to figure out what I can bring on the plane with me, what I can check, can I bring breast milk or formula through security etc. We'll be flying Continental. The customer service rep on the phone wasn't very helpful when I called. I was hoping to bring her travel system with us (minus the base, my parents have one already). Can The plane we'll be on has a gate check option -- can I gate check her infant seat and stroller? I was...


Baby on Airplaine

Taking our 11 month old on a 12 hour plane ride. I'm a little afraid that...


Wipe Warmer Problem

My mom gave me a wipe warmer, and I love the idea of it, but am having real...


Homemade Baby Wipes

Hi. I was just wondering if anyone out there has ever tried making their...