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Diaper Rash

T.S. asks from Phoenix

I have a one month old that has had a diaper rash since he was 3 days old. I tried every cream, ointment and balm known to the drugstore world and the rash just got ...


Diaper Rash

A.K. asks from Milwaukee

My 14 month old son is having his second bleeding diaper rash, first was 1 month ago. He has NEVER had a rash of any kind until now. I know how to treat it and causes...


Daughter with Terrible Diaper Rash

T.K. asks from Scranton

My daughter has had a very bad diaper rash that keeps coming and going. I have tried a couple of things but nothing is helping in the long term. She just squeals wh...


Diaper Rash That Wont Go Away. Help!

A.M. asks from Santa Barbara

My baby, well he is 18 months old, has had a diaper rash FOREVER! I have tried so many products and nothing seems to work. I took him to the doc 2 times for it. Fir...


Lately It Seems likeEVERY Time My in Laws Change My Sons Diaper He Gets a Rash??

N.G. asks from Sacramento

I'm getting reaI frusterated because it seems as though every time my in laws change my 10month old sons he gets red, a rash, a rash that seems painful? I dont know h...


Good Gift for Twins?

M.W. asks from Chicago

My brother in law and his wife are having boy/girl twins. I want to give them a practical shower gift that they need and will use. I was thinking of putting together ...


Unscented Diapers

J.M. asks from Salinas

My 9 month old daughter has a rash in her diaper area that I cannot seem to clear up. I've tried Desitin, Butt Paste, A&D, Resinol, you name it. She went to the docto...


Please Help (Daycare Issues)

A.P. asks from Chicago

My 20mo old daughter attends daycare in illinois full time and lately my husband and I have been having some issues with them. First of all it seems like the teacher ...


Ramblings of a Frustrated Mom

R.H. asks from Boston

I'm really frustrated. My daughter has been treated for a yeasty diaper rash for 3 weeks (nystatin cream). It actually went away and her skin looked great for about 4...



J.T. asks from Spokane

My little guy has Eczema. It has spread all over his legs and arms and now is moving to his back. But no matter what I do it just seems to keep getting worse. I us...