Diaper Rash: Infant

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Diaper Rash

S.M. asks from St. Joseph

My son Ryder rarely gets diaper rash but the other day when he came home from a weekend at his Father's he had a very red tooshie. I don't know what could cause such ...


Diaper Rash

J. asks from Dallas

My daughter just got this horrible rash on her "area" and we haven't been able to get rid of it. Its just red on the outside and was red on her bottom but that has cl...


Diaper Rash

T.R. asks from Reading

Good Morning Ladies - I'm hoping you may have some suggestions for me. I have a 7 month old girl who has a really bad case of diaper rash. I've done everything - ...


Diaper Rash

N.F. asks from St. Louis

Hi Mommas! I need your help with my poor son's diaper rash. We are in Calif on vacation and my son has an awful diaper rash covering most of his bottom. I feel so ...


Diaper Rash

C.H. asks from New York

I am looking for an alternative to Desitin, Balmex and A&D. My youngest has diaper rash on and off and the A& D does not work for her. She screams when I put Desiti...


Diaper Rash

T.Q. asks from Albany

Hi Everyone, I just had some questions about diaper rash. My 8 month old son developed a horrible diaper rash about a week ago. Up until that point, he had never h...


Diaper Rash

M.A. asks from Philadelphia

My 6 month old sleeps 12 hours at night now, I know... awesome (though she doesn't nap at all, it's a trade off I guess). BUT, she now has an awful diaper rash from ...


Diaper Rash!

M.S. asks from Portland

Aaah! Our 10mo. old daughter has finally gotten her first bout of diaper rash and it's AWFUL!!! All of a sudden just appeared today when it was fine only a few hour...


Diaper Rash

H.A. asks from San Francisco

Hi there, Our daughter has a diaper rash, I think from diarrhea that was caused by antibiotics (her fist cold seems to have snowballed). Any suggestions of how to cl...


Diaper Rash

J.Y. asks from Chicago

Our son is only 6 days old but has horrible red, almost blistering diaper rash. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help it heal? I change him as often as of...