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Diaper Covers?

T.R. asks from Portland

Hi Moms! We are about 9-10 weeks away from our baby boy being here and I'm trying to get everything ready. We have decided to use a diaper service for cloth diaper...


How Many Diaper Covers Do I Need?

K.R. asks from San Francisco

I am trying to figure out how many and of which kind of diaper covers I need to order for cloth diapers???!!!I will be using ABC Diaper Service, but they only offer 1 ...


Poop on Diaper Covers? What Am I Doing Wrong?

S.N. asks from Burlington

What am I doing wrong? Every time 3 month old poops, it gets on the sides of the diaper covers (or more) and I have to wash the covers. I don't think we have ever su...


Diaper Covers...

R.C. asks from Seattle

We are currently switching from disposable to cloth diapers and I already have the diapers ordered, but haven't found the right covers. I want something vinyl/plastic...


Do Wool Diaper Covers for Cloth Work?

R.H. asks from Cleveland

I am looking to cloth diaper our next baby and I want to use wool, but I'm afraid it will leak all over and I'll still have a wet lap. I wondered if any cloth diaperi...


Where to Find Diaper Covers

R.P. asks from Seattle

My little girl(14months) isn't walking yet she crawls everywhere and I have a bunch of cute skirts I want to put her in this spring and summer but I really don't like ...


Air Travel Tips W/ Infant

D.E. asks from Los Angeles

I need airplane travel advice…my husband will be on the plane 5 hours (not including checking in) with my 3 1/2 month baby whom I am nursing. We will be sitting in ...


Baby Shower Gift

M.V. asks from Dallas

One of my good friend's is having a baby shower in a couple of weeks and I have no idea what to get her. I want to give her something that she will need but at the sa...


Bottoms up Diaper Service

J.A. asks from Chicago

We would like to use cloth diapers when our new baby arrives and are contemplating using a diaper service. The only one around seems to be 'Bottoms Up.' Has anyone us...


Baby Shower Gift for Twins

W.I. asks from Chicago

Good morning moms! I was wondering if any of you could give me suggestions on what to get a good friend for her baby shower. She had twins so I feel I have to get two ...

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