Diaper Bags: Preschooler

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Diaper Bag

J.B. asks from St. Louis

I'm looking for diaper bag recommendations. I want one big enough for newborn and toddler that also has a flat bottom.


Diaper Bag

S.S. asks from Washington DC

Hello, Im looking for the best diaper bag. We have money but ive always been the type to not like brand names just to carry something with a designer name. Im very pr...


Diaper Bag Recommendations Needed

L.K. asks from Tampa

I am currently using a Baby Sac diaper bag and LOVE it! I bought it just before my daughter was born and it's been great for the last 5 months. However, as my daugh...


Toddler Bag (When We Have Outgrown the Diaper Bag)

A.P. asks from Boston

hi everyone-- we hopefully will no longer be needing a diaper bag, and i was wondering what types of bags people recommend for toddlers. right now, i use the colum...


Highly Recommended Diaper Bag

S.B. asks from Anchorage

I'm expecting our first child in June and I am looking for a great diaper bag. I don't want to spend too much on it but I also want something with great functionalit...


Diaper Bag Suggestion for Twins

D.R. asks from New York

Hi Mommies! I have almost 8 month old b/g twins and I need a suggestion for a good diaper bag. I currently have one from Target that resembles a doctors bag...it...


3 Year Old Will Only Wear the Same Clothes over and over...big Fights!

L.V. asks from New London

I have a 3 year old daughter who has always preferred to be in her underwear only. Now that we are entering the colder weather, the struggles to get dressed in the m...


Flying with 4 Year Old

J.N. asks from Philadelphia

just wondering if anyone has any advice. I am flying with my 4 year old to Texas, and it is his first flight. He also has questionable ears, and has always had proble...


New Diaper Bag Needed

E.C. asks from Orlando

Hi Moms – I am in desperate need of a new diaper bag. I’ve hated my bag since the day I left the hospital with my daughter. The Columbia bag is always falling ove...


Backpack Diaper Bag?

A.K. asks from Washington DC

Does one have a backpack diaper bag that they love? I bought one last year from BRU to use for airline travel, but it hasn't held up (only used about 5-6 times). I ne...