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5 Year Old Daughter Just Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes

H.H. asks from Scranton

Our 5 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with type 1, insulin dependant diabetes. She was in a children's hospital all week. She was sick thursday into friday ...


My 15 Month Old Nephew Just Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, Anyone Can Relate?

S.H. asks from Syracuse

Hi my nephew is in the ICU right now with severly elevated blood sugar. They have managed to bring it down to 200 but are monitoring him. Anyone have experience wit...


22 With Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus Doesn't Sleep!!

C.W. asks from Topeka

So my daughter has always had a problem sleeping. We finally found a answer for her other problems (she was diagnosed with inherited Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus. T...


Diabetes Suspected in Soon to Be Two Year Old

J.T. asks from Champaign

My daughter, who will be two in sept., woke up yesterday running a fever of a 100, so we gave her Tylenol. It kicked in and she started acting like her normal self. W...


Has Anyones Child Been Diagnosed with Diabetes and How Was That Determind

K.M. asks from Detroit

Hello Moms you guys have been great with all my other inquires. ok my daughter has been sick with the flu. I took her to the dr. and before he admitted her to the hos...


Diabetes N Kidney Failure Try N to Have a Baby.

L.H. asks from Milwaukee

I'm 29 yrs old I have had 4 pregnancys but all have died it hasn't been easy but I don't want to give up or should I. I thought about adopting but I just don't feel ...


22 Month Old Diagnosed with Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus

C.W. asks from Topeka

So if any of you have followed all my constant problems with our daughter, we finally have an answer. Her father has NDI and we finally got back her DNA tests and sh...


My 17 Year Old Daughter Has Juvenile Diabetes, Since She Was 3 Years Old.

S.P. asks from Alexandria

My daughter is losing weight. She used to be a size 3. Now a size 0 is a little too big for her. She had a baby boy 8 months ago, and he passed away the day he was bo...


Control Testing on a Diabetes Accucheck Meter

D.B. asks from Detroit

OK, hoping some of you medical professionals can assist me once again..... Type one diabetic and have been since 2001 or so. I test 4-5 times per day and have always...


Diabetic Food Ideas for Chrsitmas Eve Dinner

G.G. asks from Chicago

My brother in law was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I am trying to think of something good to bring for a Christmas Eve Dinner that would follow his diabetic gui...