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A Dentist Referral, Please

T.M. asks from Dallas

I am desperate for a good dentist for ME the mom. The dentist does not have to be close to me. I am willing to go anywhere for economical quality dentistry.


Looking for a Dentist in McKinney

J.R. asks from Dallas

We just moved to McKinney and we are needing to look for a dentist and a General or Family Practitioner. Anyone have any recommendations for a dentist in the McKin...


Good Dentist ...I Don't Have Inssurance!!!

M.S. asks from Dallas

Hello, I'm looking for a good and inexpensive Dentist near Allen,I don't have insurance...


Dentist in or near Plainfield, IL

J.J. asks from Chicago

I am looking for a good dentist in or near Plainfield for our family. I am very frustrated with the experiences we have had with dentists so far. We are looking fo...


Need a Dentist near Coppell

I.G. asks from Dallas

i need a good dentist near coppell,i am new to the area


Need Good Dentist

G.C. asks from Albuquerque

Does anyone know of a really good adult dentist?


Going to the Dentist While Pregnant

M.C. asks from Chicago

What are the rules about going to the dentist while pregnant? What can/can't I have done?


Dentist in Winter Park Area

K.M. asks from Orlando

I am new to the area and am looking for a good dentist in the Winter Park area.


Seeking Dentist in Auburn/Kent Area

R.B. asks from Seattle

Last year I had asked for advice on finding a dentist and was given some. Shortly after I made my request I had a day added to my full-time job, I moved, and the den...


Dentist Recommendations, Please.

L. asks from Chicago

I haven't been to the dentist in 3 years, and recently obtained insurance that will cover dental. Can anyone recommend a good family dentist in the city? I live in ...