Delayed Speech

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K.K. asks from Cleveland

My question probably doesn't have a definitive answer, but I'm curious, so I'm going to ask anyhow. Our son is 15 months. He was a very early crawler (6 months) and...



M.B. asks from Salt Lake City

My little girl is starting to say different words and I was wondering what are the best words to start teaching her, I want to find a list of them somewhere but don't...



T.K. asks from Chicago

My 15 month old son says very few words, his favorite of course is Ma Ma, and then Da Da and recently a-ma (grandma), I am a bit concerned that he wont say anything e...



H.W. asks from Des Moines

My 6 1/2 month old used to 'talk' quite a bit, but is not much doing so as much now. Is this 'normal'?


Why Aren't You Talking?

T.L. asks from Bakersfield

Hi everyone. I was just wondering: my son is 16 months old and he doesn't talk. He is extremely smart...I'm not just saying that as his mother. But he doesn't talk at...



B.B. asks from Davenport

My daughter recently turned 1. I am a little concerned that she is not talking yet. She babbles once in awhile, and occasionally if shes upset she will say "ma." I ...



M.M. asks from Atlanta

My daughter is almost 16 months old and still isnt talking. She will babble alot and says the occasional dada and mama but is not really saying it to us. Should I b...



H.V. asks from Cleveland

I know every child is different, but I'm curious... What age did your child start talking? And I mean talking in few word sentences and how well did they pronounc...


Not Talking

J.J. asks from Houston

I have not yet made the 2 yr check-up appointment, I will have it in the next two weeks; but I am wondering when my daughter might start talking. She understands ever...



S.J. asks from Tampa

Hi I have a wonderful 3 year old girl..she is an only child and has no cousins...the only time she interacts with other kids is when she is at day care...well Her pro...