Dehydration: Pedialyte

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A.K. asks from Minneapolis

Hi moms. My 22 month old son has had a pretty bad cough for the past 2 weeks. We just got him on antibiotics. I'm worried about dehydration, though, as he has not bee...



K.R. asks from Melbourne

my son (17 months)has had loose stool since Wed. I called his Dr. on friday when i noticed that he still had loose stool they said if he wasn't better on Monday then ...



K.R. asks from Denver

Hi my little guy (almost 5) has the stomach bug. He as been throwing-up and some diarrhea. The last time I remember him eating was yesterday at lunch. He seemed li...



N.O. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, My 2 year old has come down with diarhea and since she's never had it before I'm not sure if Pedialyte is the best thing or not? She's literally only had...


Dehydration Symptoms...

E.B. asks from Seattle

We have had sorta hot more humid weather in Washington state lately. I woke up yesterday and had the runs...No stomach pain or anything else. Went away. We w...


Refusing to Take Pedialyte

M.S. asks from Killeen

My son is 8 months old and is vomiting. I have tried giving him different pedialyte flavor drinks to help reduce dehydration, but he is refusing to drink them. He d...


21-Month-old Dehydration

A.D. asks from Lakeland

I am writing with a desperate request because I'm at my wits end. My 9 month-old had a stomach virus and has apparently passed it on to my 21-month-old. I am having ...


Mix Pedialyte & 7Up?

M.. asks from Detroit

My little man has thrown up about 5-6 times in the past 3 hours. I have Pedialyte (unflavored) and the only thing I have to mix it with is crystal light. Hes not di...


Dehydration Bronchitis 11 Months Old HELP!

P.B. asks from Grand Junction

Hello everyone I really need some help! My 11 month old has been diagnosed with bronchitis along with this baby has developed a stomach bug, vomiting, diarrhea, not ...


Dehydrated 9 Year Old Son...

A.G. asks from Chicago

My son was not feeling well yesterday, headache, eyes hurt, just feeling weak all over and felt like he was going to vomit but never did. He took a shower and went to...