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How Long Will I Be Engorged For?

K.E. asks from Dallas

So I decided to stop breastfeeding as of yesterday, and I am so engorged and full right now and I am wondering when my milk is going to dry up and when I'm not going ...


Advice on Continuing a Spiritual Journey

C.R. asks from Fayetteville

Hi, I recently was introduced to "The Secret" spiritual teachings a.k.a. Law of Attraction. Around the same time I attended the first level of character development w...


What Medicine Is Safe While Breastfeeding.

C.C. asks from Denver

I am nursing my 11 week daughter and have a cold my other kid had it first. Two had a cough and fever the older one had the diarrhea. Mine has manifested into a hea...


Any BabyWise Mommies Out There??? Need Help

T.B. asks from San Francisco

I have a 2 month old and I have slacked on raising him the BabyWise way as I did my 2 year old. I guess I just focused more on cuddling since he is our last one rath...


Med's and Breastfeeding

J.B. asks from Phoenix

hey moms, i have a sore throat and i am not quite sure what i can take that is ok for me because i am nursing my five month old. Let me know what you guys have used. ...


Teenage Son with Severe allergies...need Suggestions/solutions

S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh

My poor 17 year old came home today MISERABLE. His allergies are our of control. He normally takes Claritin-D, he didn't have any today. We have been to the allergist...


What Meds Can I Take While Breast Feeding?

B.P. asks from San Francisco

Help! I am having a severe allergy attack from all of the pollen in my area. My son is 7 1/2 months old and I still breast feed him. I am leary of taking any medic...


What to Take for Allergies When Breastfeeding

S.M. asks from Cincinnati

I was wondering what any of you take for allergies while breastfeeding!! I have tried Claritin and Benadryl. They both don't work very well for me. I am not breastfee...


Safe Cold Medicines While Breastfeeding

J.T. asks from Sacramento

I have a bad cold and I am miserable, but I have a seven week old that I am breastfeeding. The last thing I want to do is take something unsafe for her, but it is har...


Can You Get Enough from a Well Balanced Diet? Organic Worth It?

A.G. asks from Provo

My husband and I have been talking for awhile about some improvements to our diets that we'd like to make. In general, I feel like we eat pretty well. We do very li...