Death of a Pet: Preschooler

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How Do I Help My Kids Through the Loss of Their Pet?

K.N. asks from Peoria

Last night we discovered that our 3 year old Himalayan was run over by a car. He was an indoor cat, we had no idea he got outside. My oldest boy (7) is taking it th...


4-Year-old Having INTENSE Screaming Fits

M.D. asks from Denver

In the last few weeks, my 4-year-old son has been having really, really intense screaming fits to get his way. For example, he wanted one more book the other evening ...


Teaching About the Loss of a Pet

P.K. asks from San Francisco

Hello, We had a 15 year old dog that we recently had to have put to sleep. Our son has been asking about her, and I'm not really sure what to tell him.He's thre...


Putting Our Cat Down :(

H.P. asks from Washington DC

Hi All, After nearly 15 years with my cat, it is nearing the time for us to euthanize her. It saddens me to write this, but I am seeking advice on how to break th...


3 Year Old Is "Afraid" All of a Sudden, Do We Go Along with It?

3.B. asks from Cleveland

All of a sudden our 3 year old is always saying he's afraid to go in his room alone, to the bathroom alone, downstairs etc. I tell him that our house is safe. There i...


3 Year Old Grandson Says Hurtful Thinks to Grandma.

B.M. asks from San Francisco

My husband and I frequently babysit our grandson who will be turning 4 in August. Lately he has been refusing to hug me. He adores his grandfather and sticks to him...


Talking to 3 Year Old About Death of Pets

S.B. asks from Cleveland

Hi mamas, We have two 13 year-old-dogs. Both are still pretty healthy, but they're obviously not going to be around much longer. I'm just wondering how many of you...


3 Year Old Hitting / Kicking / Punching Siblings

E.C. asks from Madison

I have a three year old boy and 11 month old boy/girl twins. I want to start by saying my three year old is a very sweet child who loves playing wih other kids. I h...


How to Explain Death of a Family Memeber to a 3 Year Old!

A.C. asks from Louisville

Any advice on how to explain to my almost 4 year old that his Great Grandmother passed away! And also do you think is appropriate to take him to the funeral service?...


Comfort at Time of Pet Loss

C.H. asks from Detroit

Our dog Gracie passed away after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer. She was 11 years old. I'd like advice on how to transition through this with young children ...