Death of a Pet: Preschooler

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Pet Loss

G.W. asks from Philadelphia

today i had to put our dog to sleep she was a great dog my three year girl lexi is freaking out please help me help her deal with this


Loss of a Pet

C.B. asks from Columbus

We just lost our 3 year old dog. I was wondering what kinds of things I could do to help my kids get through this time. It's hard enough for me. I want to make it ...


When to Put a Pet Down

C.K. asks from Knoxville

Hi ladies, I have an old cat (18) who is not in the greatest of health. She has a number of health issues which I have taken her to the vet about and we are doing...


Clingy 4 Year Old

K.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms! I was hoping I could get a little advice. I have a 4 year old who has suddenly (within the last couple of months) become extrememly clingy to me. She has ...


My 3 Year Old Is Torturing Our Kittens. Help!

M.S. asks from San Francisco

My active and very smart 3 year old daughter goes through waves of being a total angel and a total nightmare. She is going through a tough phase and she is really ta...


3 Year Old Food and Subsequent Tantrums

R.W. asks from Washington DC

Hi Moms, I've almost asked this question about 1000 times, but I've always stopped just short of submitting it. My almost 3 year-old, like many others, doesn't ea...


3 Year Old Development

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

I am half worried about posting this question because I am not sure I want to read all the responses... please be gentle with me! My son is 3 years and 3 months ol...


3-Year-old Doesn't Respond to Punishments/reinforcements

M.G. asks from Philadelphia

I have a 7yo boy and a 3 yo boy. For the 7yo when he was a toddler, we took away tv and toys and other priviliges as punishments for bad behavior. He responded as I...


Our Cat Died, Need Help Explaining to 3 Year Old

S.W. asks from Montgomery

Our cat Shadow passed away unexpectadly of unknown cause. I have explained to my 6 year old that she has gone on to heaven and he understands, but my 3 year old son ...


How Do You Help Kids When a Pet Dies?

S.S. asks from Tampa

Our beloved cat has cancer and she is wasting away. The vet tells me it's time. My seven year old son is very sad. My three year old daughter doesn't understand bu...