Death of a Pet: Preschooler

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Loss of a Pet

C.S. asks from Los Angeles

Our son just turned 3 and it looks like we may have to put our dog down. How do we explain this to him? Honesty, "She went to Heaven." Or tell him she's going to liv...


Death of a Close Relative: How to Explain/comfort a 4 Year Old

K.E. asks from Reading

My mother-in-law has terminal cancer and is not expected to make it much longer. My 4 year old is very close to her and is aware that Mom-Mom doesn't "feel well" a l...


3 Year Old--communication Skills

K.H. asks from Austin

My daughter turned 3 in Feb. I know I shouldnt compare my daughter with other children, but I cant help it. I hear other 3 year olds talking and their sentence struct...


Getting a Pet

T.W. asks from New York

I would like to get a pet for my children. My husband is reluctant for us to get a dog or a cat for many reasons including that we still have one child still in diap...


How to Tell 3 Year Old We Have to Give Away One of Our Dogs

T.S. asks from Los Angeles

We have 2 dogs. One is a 5 years old and one is 6 months old. The 5 year old is big and doesn't seem interested in our 4 year old daughter that much but we've had h...


What to Do About My Dog?

T.H. asks from Baton Rouge

I recently found out that my dog has diabetes and we have been giving her insulin shots twice a day and she has gained weight and seems to be feeling better. The pro...


How to Get 4 Year Old to Eat Meat!!

K.H. asks from Reno

I have a beautiful 4 year old son who would rather eat fruit than chips and cut up fresh veggies than popcorn! It is amazing and I love it! My mom said I was the same...


How to Explain a Dog's Death

R.P. asks from Sacramento

My in-laws just put their dog down this week. He was old and very sick. Since they are my part time day care providers, my three year old knows the dog pretty well....


Pet Bunny?

J.R. asks from Grand Rapids

My daughter fell in love with a bunny today, and really wants one. She is almost 4 and actually very responsible with pets. She would keep it in her room. Obviou...


4-Year Old Sleepover with Grandparents

C.P. asks from Danville

Yesterday my husband, two kids, and I went to visit my in-laws an hour away, and toward the end of the visit, it was suggested (without asking my husband or me) that ...