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How to Get Focus and Inspiration?

M.T. asks from Chicago

I want to first start off by saying that I have struggled with weight my whole life. I set out to a certain goal and then I get sidetracked by something. I tend to ...


How Do You Fit Exercise In?

K.G. asks from San Francisco

I am desperatly trying to get rid of 30 pounds. I have lost only 5 pounds and 8 inches in the last 5 weeks. I'm getting discouraged. I have completely changed the way...


What Can I Do to Lose Weight..

V.L. asks from Oklahoma City

I am 25 years old... I have three kids... I am done having children. I got my tubes tied in Feb. 2007. However, my problem is my weight... I am totally unhappy with t...


Advise on Exercisig

M.F. asks from New Orleans

Moms, one more question that is somehow related to my previous one: do you exercise? If you do, what motivates you? When do you have time? I work from 9 am to 6 pm an...


Has Anyone Tried South Beach Diet or Any Diet That Works Well with Out Starving

P.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hi There, I am trying to find a diet program that I have not tried. I have done it all. I don't like counting calories. I don't like eating packaged foods. How is ...


Need Help Starting and Sticking with a Low Carb *Lifestyle Change*

S.A. asks from Chicago

Hi Friends, On Monday, I will be starting yet another attempt at living a low carb lifestyle. A little history: I've had weight issues for the majority of my ...


Trying to Get Started Losing Weight

M.W. asks from Binghamton

This has been so hard for me this time to get started. My husband can eat anything and stay thin. I just look at it and I am 5 pounds heavier. My last baby is now ...


Not a Kid Related Question...

O.R. asks from Los Angeles

I have been battling with my weight for the past few years and after I had my twins I was the heaviest I've ever been. I began working out slowly, walking, elliptical...


Hypothyroidism & Losing Weight

S.F. asks from Jackson

Hello all, I am 39 years old and was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism when I was 17. I have a 3 year old son and I am very unhappy with the way I look. About 1 1/2 yea...


Need to Lose Weight After 3Rd Baby at Age 38

L.O. asks from Nashville

I was just wondering if anyone new of a good excercise program or weightloss program. I have been so depressed. I have gained about 50 lbs and I cant seem to lose it....