Death of a Pet: Infant

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Dog and Dishonesty

D.B. asks from Detroit

So in February we had to put our 12 yr old dog to sleep. He was losing control of his bladder and had trouble standing. Also was going deaf and blind and would get ...


Is Pet Insurance Worth Getting?

T.D. asks from Chicago

We are getting a puppy next Monday. We have never owned a dog before so we are unsure of the financial expectations. We are looking into pet insurance for at least th...


How to discipline toddler who hurt a cat?

A.S. asks from Detroit

Tonight at dinner, our four-year-old told us that she "choked the cat" today. Apparently, she was in her bedroom (having a tantrum) and she wanted the cat to stay on...


At a Loss on What to Do About Cat

K.A. asks from Pittsburgh

I have a cat that's 13 years old, and for the past year she has decided that she can pee wherever she wants. I'm 100% sure it's not a bladder infection or anything ph...


How Do I Explain the Death of a Family Pet to My 4 Yr Old?

W.D. asks from Lincoln

Today we had to say "goodbye" to our cat Tucker. Due to health reasons he was put to sleep. I told my daughter that he's "with the angels" now..but she is asking may ...


Smelly Dog

T.A. asks from Toledo

We recently rescued a beagle and he SMELLS!!! I had absolutely no desire to get a dog because I don't want my house smelling like dog but lost the battle to my husban...


What Is a Good Pet for 4 Year Old?

J.C. asks from Kansas City

Ok mom's my 4 year old would like a pet, a dog or cat is out of the question what I would like to know is are gerbils, hamsters or guina pigs good pet for a 4 yr old ...


What Do You Do When You Can't Afford Medical Care for a Pet?

J.G. asks from Minneapolis

We have an 8 year old dog and I've been paying about 100.00/ month in care for her (pet insurance, food, medications). Her conditions, though not life threatening, ar...


Dog Snapped, What to Do??

A.C. asks from Philadelphia

I am torn, I have had my dog for about 7 years now. He snapped at my toddler when they were playing with a tennis ball together. I don't know what to make of this, ...


In Need of Emotional Support for the Loss of My Beloved Pet, Lucky.

K.H. asks from New York

This past Thursday, 17 July, one of the most precious loves of my life, my little 9 year old Bichon named Lucky was attacked and killed in the park by a very large do...