Death of a Pet: Infant

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Great Pet for Small Kids?

A.M. asks from Chicago

My kids are 5 and 3, and we're itching to add a pet to our family. We have a small townhouse with hardwood floors, and our kids share a room. Our landlord won't allow...


Baby Proofing Pet Dishes

A.M. asks from El Paso

Hi! Just wondering how you all handled pet food and water dishes when childproofing. I'm at a loss on how to make sure my dogs have access to food and water but kee...


Pet Situation - Need Some Advice

E.C. asks from Dallas

I have a pet situation that I was hoping to get some advice on. I have had a cat for almost 9 years that is now having some liver issues. She is not the healthiest b...


How Soon Is Too Soon? (Pet Question)

E.T. asks from Denver

Our darling cat Charlie is gone. Its a very sad time in our house but he's been missing for over a week. He got out one afternoon and didn't come back. I've called sh...


Rehoming Our Dog

V.M. asks from Boston

Moms - I need some advice. We took in a lovely little dog a few months ago from a friend who was very, very sick. I've always wanted a dog and it seemed like a good...


I Need Help Fast ,Death of a Family Pet,what to Tell the Child

T.C. asks from Lubbock

ok , is it a good idea for a 5 year old to witness the pet being buried in the back yard in the ground or say what? this was an accident she was very close to her poo...


Trying to Decide If We Should Get a Cat

T.D. asks from Fresno

I have a friend who wants to get rid of her cats. The one I am considering taking is trained to go to the bathroom outside and is very good with kids. My kids reall...


Get a Dog or Not?

C.C. asks from Houston

Just asking your opinion! If you already have a dog...if you had it to do all over again...would you still get one? My daughter told me this moring that her husband ...


New Dog

E.B. asks from Portland

OK Ladies, Here is my delima....We just adopted a Lab who is 6 mos old. We already have a lab who will be 5 in January, and he is the best dog. My husband wanted...


My Dog Has the Itchy's

O.M. asks from San Antonio

Hi, moms ,I have a question concerning my pet dog . I even wonder if I should asks this question on this site ? However here, goes anyway , and let me apologize befor...