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Play Dates - Would You Go About It like This

L.M. asks from Chicago

To make a short story long.... So my daughter (Kindergartner) has had a couple play dates with a girl in her class she especially gets along with and they have so ...


How Do You Do It??

M.S. asks from St. Louis

how do i talk to my 11 years old son about sex without him getting all grossed out? i know, it's not gonna happen. i have always been honest and open with him but it'...


Friendship Endship

P.P. asks from Chicago

Me and my kid have been hanging out with my friend that has kids for quite some time. Recently, I had sort of an epiphany about this relationship and realized that i...


Anyone That Has Used an IUD for Birth Control

K.S. asks from Kansas City

I am considering using the 5 yr IUD for birth control with the recommendation of my doctor. We have 3 children and don't want anymore but I didn't want to do anything...



J.M. asks from San Francisco

For Halloween my twelve year old niece wants to be a punk rocker and wants to know if we can give her a mohawk or put spikes in her hair. Her hair is pretty long. I h...


Just Turned 13 in January

S.U. asks from Houston

My daughter just turned 13 in January and has decided she does,nt have to do anything she is told. Anyone ever dealt with this if so how did you fix it?


Baby Shower Questions

J.B. asks from Milwaukee

Hello! I am 20 weeks pregnant and am starting to think about registering for my shower. I will probably register at Babys R Us and Target or Walmart. I really need ...


What "Weird" Food Do You Eat?

F.H. asks from Phoenix

Hi Moms, I posted on Facebook that I was eating a cheese and pickle sandwhich with mayo. I am NOT preggo! Needless to say, I got a lot of responses about how weird ...