Dandruff: Preschooler

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Toddlers and Dandruff???

R.P. asks from St. Cloud

My 2 year old seems to have dandruff - does that seem weird to anyone? When I comb her hair, it flakes - not too bad yet, but when I part it I can see her scalp is ve...


Dandruff in a 3 Yo

S.D. asks from Los Angeles

My 3 yo daughter has dandruff, sometimes so bad I can see it across a room. Her peds said use selsun blue shampoo but that stinks so bad. I can hardly hug her after...


4 Yr Old with Dandruff

M.M. asks from San Francisco

I just noticed my 4 yr old son having dandruff. I've been using Johnson's shampoo on him for a couple of months now so it might be from that. Does anybody know a dand...


Dandruff in 3 Years Old Kid

N.B. asks from San Juan

Yet another mommy question, My 3 year old daughter has dandruff, its not full head, just a small patch in her scalp, its not that itchy and all....i wonder how sh...


Baby Dandruff

C.V. asks from San Francisco

is there such a shampoo out there safe enough to use on my 8 week old daughter? she battled cradle cap early on but that has seemed to pass. now i'm noticing lots of ...


Hair Care for an Active 3 Year Old

E.D. asks from Los Angeles

I would like advice - my 3 year old daughter has beautiful long hair that falls in ringlet curls. However, I am having difficulty brushing it because she screams the ...


Cradle Cap-like Dandruff Patches on Toddler

J.B. asks from Atlanta

My three year old has developed these patches of large, dry flake-looking dandruff on his scalp. Luckily it's not peeling off or really visible unless you look throug...


2 Year Old Has Dandruff

A.M. asks from Baton Rouge

My 2 year has a really dry scalp. I have asked my hair stylist what to do and she said I probably wash her hair too much and to make sure I use conditioner. But that ...


Any Suggetions About Dandruff on a 2 Year Old?

M.C. asks from Jackson

I was told that it is cradle cap. Could that be true? I thought only babies got cradle cap. She is 2 1/2 years old. I don't know what to put on it. Does anyone have a...


Almost 3 Year Old's SEVERE Dry Skin

C. asks from Chicago

My son's skin has always been real dry, but especially in the past year or so. I'm quickly running out of ideas on how to help it. He's almost 3 years old (will be ...