Crib Bumpers: Toddler

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Crib Bumpers

R.S. asks from Sacramento

When exactly do you remove the crib bumpers from the crib? My son is 10 months old and only finds them enjoyable to climb on.... Thanks


Crib Bumpers

E.B. asks from Miami

Are Crib Bumpers safe for babies? I've never had one because I was frightened. But are they okay for infants to put around the crib?


Crib Bumpers?

M.C. asks from Los Angeles

I keep reading crib bumpers aren't safe for babies, but our five month old is moving all around her crib and her arms and legs often dangle outside the crib. What ha...


Crib Bumpers or No Crib Bumpers???

S.B. asks from Seattle

Simply put, I am curious what you all think of the new reports advising us to not put crib bumpers in our baby's cribs?? My nanny said she saw on the Todays Show or ...


Bumpers or No Bumpers

K.J. asks from Chicago

Hell all, My 3 month old daughter has been sleeping in her bouncy seat in the crib up until now. I think she is ready to finally give it up and go straight into t...


Crib Bumpers

E.C. asks from Miami

Does anyone keep the crib bumpers in the crib while the baby is sleeping? I have this beautiful crib set and I really do not want to take the bumper off for several r...


Crib Bumpers

K.R. asks from Dayton

My husband and I are getting ready to transition our baby into her crib. We've been told by several hospital professionals at the NICU that bumpers are not safe, yet...


Crib Bumpers

M.W. asks from Scranton

Based on safety concerns we took the crib bumper out of our 4 month old's crib. However he's started to really turn, flip and generally wiggle around in his crib to ...


Crib Bumpers?

R.F. asks from Dallas

I used to think crib bumpers were just for show, and possibly a SIDS hazard from all of the stuff I read. Now my 4.5 month old is starting to 'scoot' a lot in her sl...


When to Take Crib Bumpers Out

M.K. asks from Chicago

I was just looking for some opinions when the best time to take the bumpers out of the crib is? Thank in advance.