Credit Counselor: Toddler

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Any Advice on How to Help Me Deal with Daddy Leaving My Son and I?

C.D. asks from Fresno

Guess I am just looking for encouragement, my son's father left us recently. Our lives have changed so much since that day. It's so hard when I see my son looking f...


Building Self-esteem for My 11 Year Old Daughter

B.F. asks from Decatur

My 11 yr old daughter has always had low self-esteem. Even when she was a toddler - she would say I can't do it. She would wait for her younger sister (1 yr younger) ...



M.S. asks from Indianapolis

Hello everyone! I need some really honest suggestions. My husband and I were thinking about going to a credit service "CCC". We were wanting to know thoughts about th...


Freshman Son Failing School Already

A.A. asks from Spokane

My son has always , always had a difficult time in school. He is smart, but he never completes work, lies to me and his father, along with his teachers about not havi...


My Daughter Refuses to Listen About Money.

D.L. asks from Panama City

When my daughter go her first job over the summer we told her we weren't going to tell her how to spend the money or make her save it. We wanted her to learn these le...


4 Year Old Stealing/horading?

B.E. asks from Los Angeles

Hi mamas!!! I am a school counselor but for middle school kids and thinking I was more of a therapist, my friend just asked me about hoarding and stealing behaviors e...


I Cant Make up My Mind

S.R. asks from Detroit

Hi! I have asked this before and lots of others have to, but I can't decide what to do. I owe alot of credit cards and I'm making a lil more than the min payment. I p...


How Do I Get Husband to Stop Spending Money?

H.M. asks from Norfolk

My family has been hit by these hard financial times like everyone else yet my husband cannot stop spending money. If I give a credit card for emergency purposes he u...


Need Help with Teenage Daughter

S.S. asks from Pine Bluff

I know some of you have dealt with this issue but was just needing some advice on how to handle my 17 year old daughter's disrespect and hateful attitude. My daughter...


Bad College Choice by Daughter

M.C. asks from Detroit

My daughter is 18. She has lived with her dad for the past 7 years. She wanted to live with him, so I turned over custody. I have had very little to do with my dau...