Credit Counselor: Toddler

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How Do I Get Back My Daughter from My Parents?

T.W. asks from Beaumont

I took my daughters phone last year for being disrespectful. While tending to my infant she took it back & I had to wrestle it back from her. My husband of 1yr (not f...


How Do I Handle This with My Daughter???

J.H. asks from Dallas

hello mother's i need advice big time:) my 14year old daughter comes to me lastnight and says mom i need to talk with you i said ok so we sit down and she start's tal...


Help! Need So Advice on Debt.

D.P. asks from Chicago

My name is Lisa I live in tinley park. I screwed up big time I have a lot of credit card debt, my credit score is low and I feel bad for what I'm putting my family t...


Unhappy Home: How Do I Help My Unhappy Toddler?

A.B. asks from New York

Life is simply unhappy. My husband has been out of work for 3 years. We are living FAR beyond our means with no way out. I don't even qualify for bankrupcy because...


Ideas for Son Getting Bad Grades

T.C. asks from San Francisco

For the last few years, my son has been struggling with grades. K-3 he always did great in school, now, since about the 4th grade, he's brought home some good grades...


Need Some Advice About Bankrupcy/debt Elimination.

T.B. asks from Cleveland

My husband and I have recently had some difficulties with our finances. We are barely making it. I am not working right now, since I am taking some classes. Our credi...


Trying to Get Out of Debt

H.M. asks from Dallas

Does anyone out there have personal experience with trying to getting out of credit card debt? I was wondering if I should consolidate them, but not sure who to go th...


Writ of Garnishment

C.I. asks from Fort Myers

This is very embarrassing, but we just had our checking & savings accounts frozen because of a very OLD credit card bill. I guess there is no statute of limitations o...


I Need a Healthier Way to Help My Daughter with Her Constipation.

T.D. asks from Norfolk

My daughter is 26 months old and since she was an infant she has had problems with constipation. Her doctor recommends me to give her stool softner, which I do, but I...


Not Liking My Own Son Who Is Soon to Be 3 Years Old.

L.O. asks from Minneapolis

Since the adoption of our daughter at 6 months of age, (who is now 15 months old) I don't feel like I love my son as much. I feel aweful and guilty about this feelin...