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Seeking Advise on How to Deal with a 16-Year Old

A.M. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 16 yr old daughter who has been an A+ student until she started high school. She has always taken advanced level classes and is now taking IB-Prep classes s...


Teenager Lost in the System

L.V. asks from Dallas

I have a teaching certificate, so my mother comes to me for school/parenting issues now. My brother is 16, and in his second year of high school. He is overall a good...


How Do You Deal with the Guilt?

C.C. asks from Houston

Don't know really how to say this...but here goes> we have a very close family...we all live in the same city except one niece lives in Nevada with her family. This ...


My 14 Y/o Is Pregnant.

K.I. asks from Indianapolis

Hi Mamas. I don't want this to get long but I could use some advice from anyone who's got experience with teen pregnancy. Please don't comment if it's only to judge...


Seeking Advice on Daughter's Best Friend's Situation.

E.A. asks from Albuquerque

I have 2 kids - a daughter that is 17 and a Junior in High School and a son who is 9 (almost 10) in 4th grade. Not too long ago my daughter's best friend came to liv...


Help Me Help My Daughter

S.W. asks from Harrisburg

My 7 year old daughter has been having panic attacks about going to school - for over a week. Its awful - she literally gets into hysterics every time its time to go ...


Angry with Teen Daughter - What to Do?

S.E. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter is failing Algebra. She is a high school freshman. We have gotten her every sort of support we could afford. Three days after the school year ends w...


Middle School

B.S. asks from Odessa

My daughter has been attending a private school for 8 days now. I think we made a mistake and should put her back in public school but my husband wants to give it ti...


Pre-teen Problems

C. asks from Charlotte

My 12-year old has recently been telling me about 2 girls at her school who are cutting themselves. One is trying to quit, and the other seems to be happy that she di...


My Teenage Daughter Is Disrespectful and Has No Interests Besides AIM and TV.

S.C. asks from Boston

I'd like to hear from other moms of teen-age girls, especially with ADD. My daughter isolates herself, stays up late and sleeps during the day and is often in a bad ...