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Should We Push Our Gifted/talented Son into Advanced Courses for Junior High?

M.D. asks from Dallas

My son was identified by the school as being gifted/talented in kindergarten and he's been attending "GT" courses since. He made honor roll every 6 weeks until he hi...


Need Help!!!

H.H. asks from Dallas

What is the best way to tell my 16 yo and 14 yo daughters that their father and I are separating?


Depression or Jealousy?

R.G. asks from El Paso

I've been married for 7 years. I love my husband very much. When I came into this family he had been married before and had a 9 yr old daughter living w/ him at the t...


Freshman Son Failing School Already

A.A. asks from Spokane

My son has always , always had a difficult time in school. He is smart, but he never completes work, lies to me and his father, along with his teachers about not havi...


Senior Who's Given Up.

L.W. asks from Dallas

I know that not many of you have children this old...and a Senior in High School is technically no longer considered a child....he will forever be my baby though. Any...


Should a Grounding Last All Summer?

T.P. asks from San Francisco

I am double guessing wether I am being too harsh or too leniant. My twin 15 y.o. boys carried a solid f throughout their whole sophmore year. Yes both of them. Their...


Need Some Help with My 11 Yr Old Son

T.B. asks from San Antonio

My son is 11 years old, and he is ADHD and has been on medicine for some time. He has been pretty bad but it just seems like it is getting worse. I will give you some...


Teenage Son Who Refuses to Do Homework

K.B. asks from Des Moines

I need some help with my 15 year old son... He has REFUSED to do his home work and is now getting F in three classes. We have tried everything, talking with teachers,...


High School Too Easy?

S.E. asks from Chicago

My daughter is a freshman at a high performing HS in Illinois. She is not gifted and is an average student...I thought. In her first semester in HS she may be getti...


Caring About School

L.H. asks from Toledo

I got a call from one of my daughter's teacher today. She is ok with behavior as usual. She is in danger of failing because of not turning in work. She will still be ...