Credit Counselor: Teen

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Teen Help.....

V.K. asks from Sacramento

My step daughter is 16 years old. She has lived with us for 4 years now and has been an addict since before she moved with us. We found out about her addictions abo...


Need Help with Teenage Daughter

S.S. asks from Pine Bluff

I know some of you have dealt with this issue but was just needing some advice on how to handle my 17 year old daughter's disrespect and hateful attitude. My daughter...


Teen Daughter and 'Myspace'

H.T. asks from Los Angeles

Hello ladies! I have a 13 year old GREAT daughter. She is incredibly social and gets straight A's in school. The problem is that she wants a myspace. I have one, a...


Is More Servere Punishment Needed?

S.Y. asks from Milwaukee

My daughter is 13 years old and seems to be the class clown in her English class. She is has not been doing her work, in class or at home and she dancing, talking wit...


How to Reduce Debt

P.H. asks from Louisville

Has anyone ever called the credit card company and made a deal to pay it off for a lesser amount? I have been told it can be done, but am not sure if it really works...


15 Yr. Old Son Wants to Quit School.

M.R. asks from Las Vegas

15 year old son wants to quit school. I've tried talking to him and all he says is that he doesn't like school. Help! Any suggestions or advice welcomed...


Husband Problems

H.H. asks from Tulsa

My husband left his job seven months ago because it was too "stressful" for him and he no longer wanted to work in the "corporate world". Well, he was the "breadwinn...


Teen with No Motivation

K.R. asks from Bellingham

My 16-yr old step-son is failing school. We just got a letter stating he will not graduate at this rate. He promised his father that his 'plan' was to get a summer jo...


Homeschooling Bipolar Teenager

L.G. asks from Dallas

I have a 15 year old granddaughter who is bipolar. She is having very hard time in public school. My daughter is trying to find out information about homeschooling in...


Creditors Have Increased My Interest So Much I Can No Longer Afford to Make Pymt

K.M. asks from San Francisco

I am a single mother of 2 and I bought a new refrigerator about 1 1/2 years ago and I never missed a payment or made a late payment and one day Home Depot called me u...