Credit Cards

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Credit Card Questions

S.D. asks from Phoenix

So basicly is it really all that bad to have a credit card for a while and then close it and open a new one somewhere else ? You know those intrest free cards...........


Applying for Credit Cards as a SAHM

S.G. asks from Dallas

Here's a bit of history: Before becoming a SAHM, I had credit cards but only store cards i.e. Dillards, Sears and Macy's. I wasn't too concerned with having credit ca...


Credit Card Debt Help/advice

L.P. asks from Chicago

Hello. I am just interested in hearing anything you ladies have done to help with your credit card debt. I have quite a bit built up on my card. I am able to make mi...


Credit Card Charge/payment

A.F. asks from San Francisco

I have a large purchase that I have to make (major repair on house). That is going to cost us about $3000.00. We can pay part out of our checking/savings account and ...


Credit Card Trouble

L.P. asks from Chicago

I have gotten into some credit card debt trouble. I had trouble a while back. I rolled my debt into my mortgage. Now, I am trying to refinance and I owe more on my ho...


Credit Cards Debit

S.R. asks from San Angelo

Am having problems my husband got laid off and we have credit cards we need to pay but my problem is I don't make enough to pay my bills and credit cards what should...


Credit Card Debt!!!!!!

C.E. asks from Boston

Can a credit card company take you to court eventhough you're paying them something (100) monthly??? Thanks!


Credit Card Problems

J.M. asks from Lansing

Last year was a rough year financially for us. We lost income and got behind in all of our bills. I finally stopped paying our credit cardsto catch up on our house,t...


About My Credit

A.L. asks from Dallas

how can i get a credit report with out paying for it are giveing them my credit card number


Credit History, HELP Please

T.C. asks from Hickory

My husband needs a copy of his credit history for a new job and the bank tells us that they cant do it, i have searched it online and everything that i find, it doe...