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Seeking for a CPA Close to My Area (Frankford/Tollway) in Far North Dallas.

A. asks from Dallas

My husbund and I are looking for a CPA person specialised in small business. I used H&R Block in the past but they are very pricey and going up with the rate every ye...


Looking for a Good Business Accountant

Q.R. asks from Miami

I have a small home based business and need a good, reasonable accountant. I'd prefer a female. I live in Plantation but will travel in Broward. Thanks so much!


Need an Accountant to Do Taxes This Year

S.T. asks from Orlando

We are newer to the area so I need to know of someone who is good but does not charge an arm & a leg. We had an accountant at home but we are too far away now to use...


Are There Any Other Business Owning Mom's or Cpa's Out There?

J.S. asks from Jacksonville

This is has been just a craptastic week. Anyway, my husband is a contracted Chiropractor for the Navy. When they hired him they told him he had to keep his business n...


Seeking an Accountant in Lewisville/Flower Mound/Highland Village Area

J.H. asks from Dallas

Hi, My husband and I usually do our taxes using Turbo Tax. However, last year we sold a house, bought a house and adopted a child. I'm thinking we might need som...


Mom Seeking Accountant for Start-up Business.

K.S. asks from Los Angeles

Hi I'm starting a new business and need help with the numbers. Looking for someone reasonable or flexible with rates.


Looking for Someone to Help with Our Taxes

D.C. asks from Dallas

Anyone used an accountant or other service to prepare their taxes? We had a complicated year financially last year and just need to chat with someone about the best ...


Any Cpa's or Tax Preparers Out in Mom Land?

M.A. asks from Detroit

I just was doing my taxes, and to my surprise I OWE!!!!! Both my children still live with me, one is 22 (school part time-works full time-income over $20,000) othe...


Accountants I Have a Question

H.J. asks from Minneapolis

Do you feel that you are gifted in doing math? Or is it an area you struggled iwth but do o.k. with in your field. Do you like what you do. What is your lest favorite...


Going Back to College After 30 and with Kids?

A.H. asks from Salt Lake City

My husband went to college years ago, got an accounting degree ( no cpa) then went to get a master in business management, but did not finish due to job relocation to...