Cosmetic Surgery: Toddler

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Have You Had Any Cosmetic Surgery?

H.D. asks from Dallas

I so badly want a tummy tuck. I am fed up with working so hard by exercising and eating right and not seeing any results in my middle area. I've been mistaken for b...


Cosmetic Surgeon Referral Needed

T.G. asks from Chicago

We need to have a mole removed from my 4 year old daughters cheek. She will have a small scar from it so I would like a REALLY good cosmetic surgeon. Any suggestion...


Plastic Surgery

R.D. asks from Richmond

Hey moms! I'm 26 years old, but I am seriously considering getting a tummy tuck. After 3 pregnancies, my boyfriend is DONE with kids, and I'm 99% sure I am too (if I ...


Recommendation for Plastic Surgeon

N.P. asks from Chicago

I am in need of a plastic surgeon in Mokena, Orland, Tinley, Frankfort, New Lenox and even Joliet area. The referral would be for me. Basically, I have a mole that n...


Would You Consider Plastic Surgery If You..

S.R. asks from Chicago

Would you consider facial (nose, chin, floppy ears) plastic surgery on your son/daughter if you knew that unconsciously other kids will make fun of them?



E.M. asks from Louisville

Im looking for a good plastic surgeon in Louisville for a breast reduction. im so tired of back neck and shoulder pain and of course the rashes and not finding a bra ...


Plastic Surgeon in the Southlake/ DFW Area! Needed/breast Reconstructive Surgery

K.G. asks from Dallas

Hey Ladies, After two children and lossing 92 lbs all on my own I am ready to have a body makeover. Just kidding. I really am just looking for a breast reconstructiv...


PLASTIC SURGERY - How to Tell a Child ?

H.R. asks from Anchorage

OK Let me get straight to the point.. I am planning in 3 weeks to get a tummy tuck. I have been mentally planning this for over a decade. My two teenagers know ab...


Question Regarding My Cosmetic Surgery

L.K. asks from Wichita

Hello... I have a cosmetic surgery schedule in August this year. I have lost a ton of weight and dealing with excess/lose skin (very frustrating). Anyways, to complet...


Dr. Walter Efird (Plastic Surgeon)

B.A. asks from Memphis

I'm looking for a good plastic surgeon in the Memphis area. Does anyone know anything about Dr. Efird? If not, does anyone have any recommendations of other plastic...