Cosmetic Surgery: Infant

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Plastic Surgery

R.D. asks from Richmond

Hey moms! I'm 26 years old, but I am seriously considering getting a tummy tuck. After 3 pregnancies, my boyfriend is DONE with kids, and I'm 99% sure I am too (if I ...


JFF- Would You Get Plastic Surgery?

N.F. asks from Seattle

If money wasn't an issue, would you get plastic surgery and what would you have done? If you would NOT have anything done, I'd like to hear why as well. :)


If You've Had Plastic Surgery...

R.D. asks from Richmond you tell people you had it? Or do your prefer to keep mum about it? My husband asked me last night, if I was going to tell people I got a tummy tuck. I said ...


Seeking Plastic Surgeon in Orange County

A.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Ladies, I am looking for a plastic surgeon in the orange county area to undo what breastfeeding three babies has done to my breasts. Does anyone have any r...


Need Pediatric Plastic Surgeon Recommendations - HELP!

K.S. asks from Dallas

Long story short... my 2 year old needs to have something removed from her head and I could use some pedatric plastic surgeon recommendations. The one our pedi recom...


Infant and Surgery

C.R. asks from Chicago

My son was born with an extra thumb on his left hand. I was told that this is not too unusual (about 1 in 1000 births.) It is not affecting his health or developmen...


My Baby Is Having Surgery.

A.M. asks from Spokane

My baby is 5 months old and having surgery next week to repair a cleft lip. I am so nervous! Has anyone else gone through this?


Seeking a Cosmetic Surgereon

A.C. asks from Dallas

I'm looking to have Cosmetic surgery. Has anyone been lately. And what is their consulation fee? I'm need tummy tuck, butt lift and lipo..


Plastic Surgery Experiences

M.C. asks from Nashville

Have any of you even undergone a mini tummy-tuck (or even a full tummy tuck)? And a breast lift? I am considering having these two procedures done, as we know our fam...


To Get Plastic Surgery??

D.M. asks from Minneapolis

Sooo.. I am a married mom early 30's with kids. I am fit and I am social. I love life and enjoy doing things. My entire life primarly from my family, brother, aunts, ...