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Awful Diaper Rash...Help!!!!

L.K. asks from Hickory

My 3 month old has had an awful diaper rash for about a week now. We usually use cloth diapers, but he has been in disposables for a week. I have been using Aquapho...


Diaper Rash Remedies

J.B. asks from Phoenix

Hey Moms, i need some help. i have a 1 yr old that has gotten his first diaper rash. He got it really bad. He has been having runny stools and i believe it is from hi...



R.A. asks from Chicago

Tonight while giving my five-year-old son a bath, my husband noticed a series of raised white bumps on his thighs and buttocks. The rash was definitely not there las...


The Worst Diaper Rash Ever!

L.L. asks from Rochester

My daughter is almost two. Super quick background...she has Celiac disease, has been GF for over a year, and has had severe trouble with constipation to the point of...