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Has Your Child Experienced This Type of Head Trauma?

K.W. asks from Philadelphia

This weekend my 21 month-old daughter fell off of a bench onto her head. When I picked her up she went limp in my arms. I shook her and she woke up, then seconds la...


Kinda Sad

G.P. asks from Chicago

Hi, I just had my baby boy, about 4 weeks ago. I have a 7 year old boy and a 2 year old also. I am 32 years old. My issue is my husband goes in to get his vasectom...


Does Anyone Have Experience with Delayed Physical Development?

J.T. asks from San Francisco

Hello everyone, My youngest daughter is 6-1/2 months old and is seemingly having trouble reaching different physical milestones. She is nowhere near able to sit and...


Another Baby?

M.C. asks from Springfield

I desperatly want another baby. My huspand and I have 2 yr old twins and I want another baby. My huspand doesn't. His main reason is that our twins are fraternal twi...


Your One Best Piece of Advice for Garage Sale Success

B.C. asks from Minneapolis

My friend and I are getting ready to have a garage sale next weekend. We are novices! For you seasoned garage sale throwers and attendees, what is your one best pie...


Curious About U PROMISE

M.G. asks from New York

I was just wondering if anyone is signed up for you U PROMISE.I just wanted some opinions on it becasue I am considering joining.Thanks


Keepsakes for Parents of Passing Infant

R.B. asks from La Crosse

my stepdaughter goes in later today to start the induction of her daughter. Through ultrasounds they have diagnosed her little one with pontocerebellar hypoplasia ...


Struggling with the Idea of Having a 3Rd Child (I Think I Want a Baby Girl)

M.H. asks from Las Vegas

Hello Moms, I have two boys, an almost three year old and an almost 8 month old. After I had my 2nd son, I said I didnt want anymore kids. I am happy with the tw...


Placenta Previa

S.V. asks from St. Louis

Hi ladies, My friend and I are both due in december, 1 day apart. Unfortunately she had some bad news. She has placenta previa, where her placenta landed itself ...


First-Time Pregnancy: Need Tips and Advice

A.K. asks from Chicago

Hi Everyone - I am pregnant for the first time and am almost 12 weeks along. I have found a doctor that I am very happy with, as well as baby books for me and my...