Coping with Death

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12 Yr Old and Death

R.B. asks from La Crosse

I'm having a really hard time with my helping my 12 yr old prepare for the death of my grandpa. If you have any idea's on what I can do to help him in this time would...


How Do You Talk to Your Child About Death?

K.V. asks from Washington DC

Up until last October my mom was healthy and very active with my kids. She is at the end of a short battle with aggressive cancer. I'm preparing to talk to 3.5 and ...


Teenagers Fear of Death

D.W. asks from Columbus

My 15yo daughter has always had a fear of death and dying. She will work herself up so she is crying because she won't see this person or that person again. I have ...


Scared After Baby's Death

J.S. asks from Springfield

My husband's co-worker had a son about 3 weeks after my youngest daughter was born. He passed away last week, apparently due to SIDS. My husband didn't do as much int...


Funeral Expenses

P.O. asks from Harrisburg

What is the going expenses for a funeral service in Florida or elsewhere and what did yours include? Thanks.


Friend's Mother Has Passed Away; Daughter Was Invited to the Funeral?

L.M. asks from Portland

My daughter let me know today that a good friend of hers who we had know for years lost her her mother over the weekend. It was very sudden, she had cancer years ago ...


Death of Child

T.B. asks from Eau Claire

One of my good friends lost his 10 year old son yesterday in a bike vs truck accident. He asked that I come to the funeral and I will, but I'm not sure what to do be...


Death Watch at Hospital in the ICU

M.C. asks from Detroit

My darling MIL is on death watch today. I've never been in a situation like this and need some advice. I pray that she makes it, but it looks grim. My hubby is hav...


Death at a Young Age

E.M. asks from Orlando

As everyone must know by now, about the stabbing death the occurred yesterday of the 15 year boy Michael Nieves. Well, my son seems to be taking this hard. Last night...


Death of an Unborn Child

D.H. asks from Cleveland

Please help, My friend went to the hospital on Sunday because of high bloodpressure and pre-eclamcia. They tried to hang on until they couldnt anymore, as her kidneys...