Coping with Death: Toddler

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Should a 5 Year Go to Her Grandmother Funeral.

M.S. asks from Indianapolis

I explain to my daughter that her grandmother has gone to heaven. My daughter and her were very close. Should my 5 year old go to the funeral? Would that help her und...


What Age Is It Ok to Take Your Child to a Funeral?

B.W. asks from Beaumont

I would like to hear some opinions on taking a 6 year old to a family funeral. If she goes do I need to keep her in the back, or is it ok to let her see everything?


Son Fixating on Death

E.J. asks from Lincoln

I have posted a few times about my son's classmate who very sadly passed away. My son is 6 and he also has an Autism Spectrum diagnosis (PDDNOS). He is very matter ...


How Young Is Too Young to Take a Child to a Funeral

P.:. asks from Phoenix

I'm sure it depends on the child but do you think 7 years old is too young to attend a funeral or visitation at a funeral home? A family member is in poor health and...


Don't Want to Take My Kids to a Funeral Out of Town with Hubby

T.C. asks from Birmingham

Hi moms! My husbands cousin pasted away in another state and he will be going out of town for the weekend next week. I really dont want to take the children to the fu...


Going to a Funeral Just to Be Seen by Others?!?!?

K.L. asks from Sacramento

I have a friend who died in a car accident on January 7. It was horrendous, a drunk driving incident. He was a passenger and was ejected. He was 25. Our whole city kn...



K.S. asks from Detroit

I have a 2 1/2yr old active daughter, and I need you advice. I have to attend a viewing at a funeral home and hour away. I am not sure if I should bring my daughter...


Do I Let My Nine Yo Attend Grandpas Funeral?

C.B. asks from Milwaukee

My grandpa, Bapa, died Wed. night. He has been sick for a long time. Over the past three years my family and I have spent alot of time with him as I was one of the ...


Dress for a Funeral

M.A. asks from San Francisco

Hi, My FIL has passed away. I am wondering how to dress my toddlers and baby (his grandchildren)? I don't have anything black. Should I go out and buy black? Thanks.


Friend's Mother Has Passed Away; Daughter Was Invited to the Funeral?

L.M. asks from Portland

My daughter let me know today that a good friend of hers who we had know for years lost her her mother over the weekend. It was very sudden, she had cancer years ago ...