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Meals for a 17 Month Old

Moms I need some new ideas on what to feed my 17 month old son. He eats a lot earlier than my husband and I do so he usally doesnt eat what we are eating. I have gotten into a rut of making him the same things and to be honest they are all things that are easy and unhealthy. So any ideas on healthy, quick, and flavorful (want to get his pallet ready for what we normally eat) meals for our little one would be greatly appreciated.

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13 Month Old Is Only 19 Pounds

today we went to Braydens dr appt.. a well check.. well, when she put him on the scale and it said "18" pounds, she wasnt suprised, but inside i was like, What the? then when she came back with a different scale, i figured she WAS alarmed, but hadnt shown it. so on the digital scale he was 19 pounds. my son has been breastfed since birth, and he still nurses occasionally during the day, usually when he wants to go to sleep. i would say im more of a human pacifier than a food source. lol. however he does eat other things...gerber...

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18 Month Eating Stage 3 Gerber

I have a friend who cares for a 18 month old baby. For some reason, the mother refuses to let the baby have gerber graduates or any kind of table food. The baby has teeth and still eats stage 3 gerber. As a mattter of fact, the mom has just introduced a sippy cup 2 weeks ago and even with that, she sends a bottle just in case. However, my friend refuses go use the bottle and prefers to continue the child's progression with the sippy cup. I know with new parents they tend to be very cautious but this isn't the first baby. It's...