Cooking: Toddler

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Meals for a 17 Month Old

Moms I need some new ideas on what to feed my 17 month old son. He eats a lot earlier than my husband and I do so he usally doesnt eat what we are eating. I have gotten into a rut of making him the same things and to be honest they are all things that are easy and unhealthy. So any ideas on healthy, quick, and flavorful (want to get his pallet ready for what we normally eat) meals for our little one would be greatly appreciated.


2 Year Old Cooking?

my 2 year old son and i usually cook dinner together every night. he stands...

Eating In

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Eat Out or Home Cooked Meal?

When we are tired after a long day, my husband and I disagree on dinner. He is too lazy to cook and wants to go out to eat, to whatever restaurant he has a coupon for even if we have fresh food in the fridge we were planning on cooking. (doesn't want to have to find the recipe, start the grill, boil water, chop vegetables, etc.) I am too lazy to go out and would rather cook at home. (I don't want to get dressed up, get our son dressed in clean clothes, find his shoes, drive to a restaurant, find something on the menu that matches the...

Eating Out

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Eating Out at Restaurants

My husband and I really enjoy eating out at a restaurant once a week. My daughter always comes with us and has been very well behaved except for the last couple of times. She doesn't want to sit at the table...she cries and just wants to climb all over me. We always make sure to go out early (at her normal dinner time) and to get there before there is a wait. We bring a few toys, snacks so she has something to munch on before her dinner arrives and she always had crayons and papers. I feel we should maybe stop going for a while until she...


Restaurants for Kids

I'm so burned out on taking my kids out for chicken nuggets, burgers, pasta ...