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Mom Looking for Educational Toys

Does anybody know of any GREAT educational toys I can get for my son? I'm looking for things I can work with him on his colors, shapes etc. He's only 10 months old. I just want to start introducing him to these things--showing him colors, shapes etc. Thanks for your help in advance!

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Ours Was the Only One Acting Out in This Fashion- Sitting Still Suggestions??

Mamas & Papas - I know it is bad practice to compare kids, but at a christening party we attended this weekend, it was pretty conspicuous that ours was the only one acting out in this fashion. Admittedly, the other children there were either younger, i.e. less than a year, and not yet mobile, or older about 2- 2.5 or older. After romping with daddy and mommy, and going up and down the stairs and opening and closing doors at the church, when the baptism finally started, he kept still pretty well for the 15 minutes or so that the actual...


Toddler Chore Chart

Does anyone know where I can purchase a pre-made chore chart for a toddler?...