Cooking: Infant

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My Baby Wants to Constantly Be Held

My baby is 5 wks old and wants to be constantly held. I understand he hasn't learned to self soothe and maybe a little young for self-soothing. I love...


Infant Skin Care

My 11 wk old son has x link ichthyosis that requires him to be lotioned from hea...

Eating In

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Not like to Cook

Hi, are there any mommies who do not like to cook (at all)!? If so, what do you do at meal times in your family? I am a first time mom with a 15 mont...


Infant Asthma

My almost 5 month old son has been wheezing for about a month now. Our pediatri...


Infant Slings

Hey everyone, My name is R.. I am expecting my third baby this summer! My childr...


Vomiting Infant

Hello everyone. I have a newborn son who just turned three weeks on Friday. I ha...


Infant Cereal

My daughter is a month old. She is eating between 3 and 4 ounces of formula and ...

Eating Out

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Eating Out at Restaurants

My husband and I really enjoy eating out at a restaurant once a week. My daughter always comes with us and has been very well behaved except for the la...


Restaurants for Kids

I'm so burned out on taking my kids out for chicken nuggets, burgers, pasta and...


Manners at Restaurants

We recently went to dinner with a large group of friends for a birthday at a bea...



I use to always go out to eat. Now I feel like I can't go out to eat with a bab...