Cooking: Infant

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My Baby Wants to Constantly Be Held

My baby is 5 wks old and wants to be constantly held. I understand he hasn't learned to self soothe and maybe a little young for self-soothing. I love holding him but then I can't get anything done....shower, make dinner, laundry, etc. Sometimes he will play if I set him down but it depends on the hour and day. Often he wants to be held almost all day, when I put him down he starts crying (extremely loud). I have a baby borjn but he's too small for that right now. but even if I were to put it on I feel like I couldn't stand in front of a...


Infant Skin Care

My 11 wk old son has x link ichthyosis that requires him to be lotioned from...

Eating In

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Not like to Cook

Hi, are there any mommies who do not like to cook (at all)!? If so, what do you do at meal times in your family? I am a first time mom with a 15 month old daughter who is slowly but surely getting very picky about food. Before having my daughter, I will occasionally cook for my husband or we will order take-out or just plain go out for dinner. I feel like I 'should' cook cause that is part of what a wife or a mommy does...but deep down, i know that i really don't like it and i get quite frustrated especially if i had a stressful day. I...


No Cook Camp Foods

My family camps pretty regularly. I can think of lots of meals to make over...

Eating Out

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Eating Out at Restaurants

My husband and I really enjoy eating out at a restaurant once a week. My daughter always comes with us and has been very well behaved except for the last couple of times. She doesn't want to sit at the table...she cries and just wants to climb all over me. We always make sure to go out early (at her normal dinner time) and to get there before there is a wait. We bring a few toys, snacks so she has something to munch on before her dinner arrives and she always had crayons and papers. I feel we should maybe stop going for a while until she...


Restaurants for Kids

I'm so burned out on taking my kids out for chicken nuggets, burgers, pasta ...